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Sizer Rapine standard Sizer
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We make sizing dies to use on a standard reloading press. These are the push through type and are presently available in any diameter over .375. They are guaranteed to be within -0.00 and +.0005 of the specified size. I can provide push rods for the dies if needed. The grey one fits both standard and Rapine reloading presses, while the blue one fits only a standard reloading press. Sizing dies are $30 and push rods are $5. We also now offer a Deluxe push rod with interchangeable tips for $30.

Drill Guide Drill Guide Drill Guide

We make a drill guide to accurately drill peep holes in musket and carbine leaf sights. Basically, it clamps to the rear sight base. You sight in using the elevation and windage adjustments until you are happy with the sight location. You then re-install the rear leaf and transfer the peep location from the hardened eye piece to the lead and drill the hole. Drill guides are $100.

Drill Guide Pistol Press Drill Guide

TBM also manufactures a compact revolver loading press to assist in consistent loads each shot. The press is made of aluminum for light weight and corrosion resistance with stainless steel cylinder pins. A convenient tray is machined in the base for holding loose balls or other items that always want to roll away when needed. Revolver presses are: Remington press - $80. Colt press - $95.

Prices do not include postage which will be added to your total purchase.

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