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Tennessee Bullet Molds (TBM) strives to produce the highest quality bullet for the skirmisher, hunter, and target shooter. Our molds are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of six months from the date of purchase.

The bullet design is the result of years of experience. It is the sum of the knowledge and suggestions of various shooters from around the country. If you have any suggestions, we would like to hear from you. You can contact TBM via our contact link to the left.

The TBM bullet mold is made from aluminum and will heat and cool faster than steel molds. This is an advantage over steel molds in that it is ready to cast bullets sooner. We have found that the mold works better if the lead and mold are kept at a higher temperature.

The bullet cast from this mold will function just fine if used unsized with the appropriate bore diameter. If the bullet is used unsized, you may find it difficult to start down the barrel. In this case, you will need to size the bullet prior to use.

If you find the bullet fits too loosely, you may not get the best accuracy. Indications of an undersized bullet are poor accuracy and/or tumbling bullets which will make an oval or silhouette outline (known as a keyhole) when shot on paper. If this is the case, you may increase the diameter of the bullet slightly by increasing the heat of the lead when casting. If this does not correct the problem, you may need a larger diameter mold.

To achieve the utmost accuracy, it is recommmended that the bullets be sized to your barrel. Best results are achieved from a properly fitting bullet. The bullet should be cast slightly oversize and sized down to the proper size for "your" musket. Usually, you will find good accuracy if the bullet is sized .001 - .0015 under bore diameter. Therefore, it is imperative to accurately measure your bore diameter before ordering your mold. Do not rely on published specifications for bore diameters.

Our molds are manufactured on the finest CNC machinery. We pride ourselves in an extremely concentric and accurate bullet. The tolerance of the mold is to the large side. It can be sized down but it is impossible to make larger.

The lead and mold termperature can cause the bullet to change in diameter by over .002. You will have to experiment with the mold temperature to find what works best for you.

*It is recommended to use a mold release agent with your new TBM mold. There are many on the market and most will work well. Do not overtighten the sprue plate, it should pivot freely.
*Do not oil the mold cavity. You will find there will be a break in period and the mold will work better after some period of usage. We trust that the mold will serve you weill for years of use.
*Remember all safety precautions when using your TBM mold and working with molten lead.
*Always wear eye protection, gloves, and always do your casting in a well ventilated area.
*We want to have you as a repeat customer for many years to come, so please be careful.

We would like to hear from you, so send us a note when you get back from the shoot and tell us about the trophies you have won.

Best of luck


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