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To read more about how our molds are made, click on the Mold Construction button to the left. All of our molds are made from aluminum and are double cavity. The minie balls are all captive core designs which means you do not have to fool around with the loose core or deform the skirt while trying to extract the core pin. This selection of molds can be had in any diameter desired. The sprue plate is extra heavy and has plenty of diameter to pour the lead in. We can provide the molds with or without handles. We use a high quality commercial handle and charge $25 each for them.

We have 3 sizes of carbine bullets that fit the Maynard/Smith carbines. They are available in .515 or .519 diameters. These two sizes allow the shooter to size the bullet to the best fit for his original or reproduction carbine. The following are my standard carbine offerings at this time.


We have 3 offerings for the musket.


Because we cut them using the latest CNC machinery, they can be made to any diameter you need.

Also, we offer the Sharps bullet in the following profile. It is only available in .54 caliber at this time, as we have had no requests for .52 or .50 caliber Sharps. In fact, the 50-70 mold would work for that application.


We try to keep the standard sizes in stock which are .515 or .519 carbine molds and .578, .580, and .585 musket molds.

We are now offering round ball molds for .69 caliber in these diameters:

  • .670
  • .675
  • .680
  • .685
  • .690

Because I cut them on the latest CNC machinery, I can make them any diameter you desire.

Lastly, I will make custom cannon molds on an individual basis. More detailed information is available on request and I will be happy to discuss any needs you have. I am a custom designer and am always expanding my product offerings. If you need something and can't find it anywhere else, contact us and we will try to make it for you.

Mold pricing:

  • Molds are $150 double cavity or $125 single cavity.
  • Handles are $25
  • Cannon molds quoted per design.
  • Postage additional.

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